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Uncover the strategies, tools, and mindsets essential for crafting a fearless, rigorous, and heartfelt approach to shaping the future.

Strisutram Design Sprints Model
Infused with Indian Philosophical Empathy

Unlock the Potential of Design Thinking for a Complete Insight into Your Business Operations.


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Strisutram Media brings several core values to the forefront:

At Strisutram Media, our journey is guided by a set of unwavering core values that define who we are and what we stand for. These values are the compass that directs every aspect of our creative sustainability mission. They reflect our commitment to a brighter, more enlightened world and shape the unique experience we offer to our audience.


Our core values are not mere words on paper; they are the foundation upon which we've built a dynamic and innovative media company. They underpin our dedication to inspiring positive change, fostering empowerment, and leading the charge in sustainable practices.

Creative Innovation

we are staunch believers in the transformative power of creativity. It's not just a buzzword for us; it's a guiding principle that shapes our very essence. We view creativity as the force that propels us forward, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of media, and in turn, inspiring positive change.


Our commitment to creative innovation is the driving force behind every piece of content we create. Whether it's a compelling video, an enlightening article, or an interactive digital experience, we infuse it with a creative spirit that challenges the norm and encourages our audience to think differently.

Breaking Barriers

Creative innovation empowers us to break free from traditional molds, enabling us to explore uncharted territories and discover new horizons.

Inspiring Transformation

it's designed to inspire transformation. We aim to ignite new ideas, spark imagination, and encourage positive changes in the lives of our audience.

Creativity allows us to see the world in a different light. It helps us offer fresh perspectives on age-old issues, fostering a culture of innovative thinking and problem-solving.

Through creative innovation, we bridge the gaps between cultures, disciplines, and generations. It's a universal language that brings people together and transcends boundaries.

Cultivating Fresh Perspectives

Connecting Diverse Worlds

Sparking Positive Change

our goal is to catalyse positive change in society. Creative innovation is our tool for addressing pressing global challenges and making a meaningful impact.



A  dynamic force that redefines the media landscape with a focus on mindful consumption. Their exploration into media's psychological and societal impact show cases a nuanced understanding of its influence. Their distinctive stance on leadership sets them apart, emphasizing true transformation through strategic planning, data leverage, and innovative technology adoption.

Sustainability and digital transformation are at their core, evident through their alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This reflects a commitment to a socially responsible approach to media and technology.

Rooted in the wisdom of the Kamasutra, Strisutram Media weaves engaging stories that promote clarity, purity, and harmony. This unique fusion of ancient insights and modern design thinking creates a captivating and culturally enriched platform.

Overall, Strisutram Media stands as an innovative, compassionate, and culturally rich bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary media, offering a transformative experience that elevates both individuals and society.










Blend of Indian Culture and Market Philosophy

Indian culture and market philosophy intertwine traditional insights with modern business practices, nurturing a harmonious coexistence between heritage and innovation. This fusion infuses principles of sustainability, ethics, and holistic well-being into commercial activities, cultivating a business environment that is both culturally rooted and forward-looking.

Indian Street
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How we create impact:



We craft and amplify products and services with a core emphasis on individuals.



We collaborate with organisations to lead the charge in innovating work methodologies.



We develop resources and utilities that facilitate millions in acquiring and honing their skills in human-centered design.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Our diverse team of experts blends design, sustainability, psychology, media studies, and technology to deliver groundbreaking solutions that empower individuals and communities towards more meaningful, sustainable, and aware living. Our unwavering commitment lies in establishing a harmonious fusion between contemporary media, timeless wisdom, and a sustainable future, catering to both the Indian and global markets. We provide an extensive array of services and proficiency that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge design thinking with an intricate grasp of sustainability and conscious media culture, thereby catering to the discerning needs of the Indian market and offering a global platform for international players.

Sector Blending

Media & Entertainment

Enterprise & IT

Healthcare & Life science

Education & EdTeck

Network & Smart Device

Banking & Finance Services

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